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Beautiful advice from a divorced man after 16 years of marriage

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The Importance of Customer Experience

   I  recently had a chat with the owner of  1520 Ro’s Fashion Haunt  Rochelle Braham (Ro).  One thing that this chat reminded me was of the benefits of a business creating a “Positive Experience” for its customers. The following is an excerpt from Fashion Haunt’s Website.

Fashion Haunts is an independent online fashion boutique specializing in new & preloved  men and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. We bring you a wide collection of clothes with sizes varying from xs to Large and in every style imaginable. Been in business officially since the beginning of 2013 but now able to offer you a space to view items and shop online at your convenience which will make you happy and satisfied as you can scroll through a number of items to view collection

Ro  is renowned for her excellent service routinely providing treats and refreshments for customers. She is also known for her trademark smile and her (sometimes blunt) honesty. Case in point even if a customer wants to buy something, if  Ro doesn’t think it fits.. she will tell the customer precisely that… even if it means she will lose the sale!

What also usual catches customers by surprise are the extremely affordable prices.

For many of us we would try and and sell our products for the highest price the customer is willing to pay. Afterall, that’s simple economics right?

The free refreshments and consultation sessions.. FORGET IT!
However, what Ro has managed to do is uncover an ancient principle that business people have known long before complex economic formulas… This principle is that a happy customer (usually) is a life long customer. The cost of refreshments and the small loss of potential profits  is nothing compared to long term business relationships that she forms with her customers, who would be more than happy to come back and also spread the word to their contacts.
Ro’s ultimate mission is put a smile on the faces of her customers. She not only wants them to feel beautiful on the outside but more importantly wants them to feel beautiful on the inside.
That my friends is what business should be about!

Staying Encouraged!

Courtesy of Cherrybam

Hello everyone I haven’t posted in awhile as I’ve been doing some reflecting on what it is I would like to write about.

Today what I want to do is send out some encouragement over the internet. I want to motivate my readers to keep their chins and to stay positive!

Does life suck right now? Possibly. Could things get worse? Maybe.

But I want to encourage everyone to not give up hope.

You are right however, that I don’t know what you’re going through and that  giving up/ readjusting your goals maybe the best solution..

Still …. what I’m advocating though, is for you to stay positive throughout it and keep your hope alive!

Reach out to people for help, do some extra research, do something that helps you relax, pray meditate.. whatever it is that will energize you..

You’re not perfect and you might mess up..

but please please stay encouraged!

That’s all for now.

If you want to contact me my email is or you send me a tweet @theEdCommunity

Take care!

God Bless!

Talking a lot but Communicating.. a little?

Courtesy of Transitions for Business

I’d like to revisit one of my previous posts dealing with the importance of communication when you are a student teacher, but instead this time apply it to all area of our lives.

There is a popular misconception that extroverted people are good communicators while introverted people are poor communicators for the simple fact that extroverts usually talk a lot. However, I’ve personally see many examples of an extroverted person being unable to understand another person’s point of view, as well as fail to get their own point across.

I also know that personally despite having written a blog post about its importance, there are still many times I fail to communicate effectively.

The fact of the matter is that being a good communicator is easier said than done  (no pun intended).

Having said all of this however, I still truly believe in the importance communication in all areas of our lives and I’ll continue to look for ways to improve my ability to communicate.

Take Care for now and Have a Happy Canada Day!

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